• aj colarusso- varsity baseball

    本赛季对阵米尔顿的比赛中他的表现最为出色,在五局比赛中占据主导地位。他击出了9个击球手,没有走路,只能在10-2的比赛中两次击球。 aj向前投球并与击球手对抗一些强硬的击球手,将所有三个投球投掷到罢工。 aj整年都在努力工作,不断改进他的指挥和他在土丘上的方法;他总是准备好,无论是要求开始还是缓解。他在25局比赛中以40次三振出局结束了今年的比赛,并承诺在九号洞的土墩上有一个出色的职业生涯。 -教练 DiSarcina, Coach Cheeks, & Coach Bannard
  • 卢克贝克斯坦 - 大学棒球队

    卢克是我们攻击圣路易斯的催化剂之一。分数;他是我们的第一个击球手,在第四局中通过击球达到基地,然后在他的最后两个击球中加入了rbi单曲和一个首发双击,两次得分。他是一个出色的防守努力的核心,平静地投入一个受到重创的一个漏斗来结束圣战。马克的第一个好的得分机会,然后开始双人比赛以结束他们的下一个。这是他整个赛季在游击手中的表现的象征,因为他在场上最艰难和最忙碌的防守位置之一一直是可靠的。卢克本赛季的重点和努力为他的队友树立了一个很好的榜样。 -教练 DiSarcina, Coach Cheeks, & Coach Bannard
  • karenna beckstein- girls'jv lacrosse

    作为一名忠诚的运动员,她在jv lax和繁忙的俱乐部足球赛程之间分配时间,karenna总是准备好参加比赛,并且对比赛和比赛都持积极态度。本周,卡伦纳在进攻和防守方面都做得非常努力。她利用自己的速度和强大的射门来完成四个进球,并帮助对抗一支才华横溢的河流队。卡伦娜继续以她不懈的职业道德,完成工作的能力和团队精神给她的教练留下深刻印象。
    -教练 Hamlin, Belsky, & LeRoy
  • bennett smith,shane kim,画了burke-varsity棒球

    贝内特,谢恩,以及所有人都以惊人的进攻周完成比赛。贝内特本垒打8投5中,双打,4 rbi,8跑; Shane以4比2和4 rbi的成绩获得5比8,并以2比2和3 rbi获得4比9。特别是,尤其是我们防守的关键部分,在其他球员多次受伤后踩到接球手;这个星期他扔掉了令人印象深刻的5个中的3个将是基地盗窃者。除了他们对蝙蝠和手套的贡献之外,所有三位老年人都提供了强大的老将领导力,使球队保持饥饿和专注。 - 教练disarcina,教练脸颊,教练巴纳德
  • freddie tobeason- varsity lacrosse

    Freddie Tobeason showed her athleticism and leadership this week in two successful games. She added 8 points (4 goals and 4 assists) to the attacking efforts. Freddie also came up with 8 draw controls. DC's are critical possessions in lacrosse games and Freddie has become one of the most reliable winners in that category. Freddie, who is an attack player, also played fierce defense during our clear rides out of the attacking end forcing many turnovers from BB&N in our overtime win on Wednesday. It was her hard work to win ball possession back from the opposing team that helped secure both wins this week.  -教练 Kandel & Coach Dumont
  • kochoe nikoi- varsity track

    在她进入的所有四个事件中,kochoe得分。她是4x100米继电器的成员,获得第6名,时间为53.9。她跑了100个高栏,时间为:17.5分排在第6位。然后kochoe继续前进到100米冲刺,跑到第6位,时间为:13.36。 kochoe为最后300米跨栏节省了她最好的赛事。 kochoe个人最好的:49.8取得了成功。 kochoe带领所有的格罗顿得分共7分.-教练lamoreaux,教练韦德,教练凯恩
  • 利亚姆斯图尔特棒球队

    Liam Stuart provided a strong defensive game at shortstop, had 3 hits, 2 stolen bases, 3 runs batted in, and provided positive leadership in a come from behind 12-11 win over BB&N. -教练 Mazz & Coach Giampetruzzi
  • montanna riggs-校队赛道

    蒙大拿州在三项赛事中得分。在排名第6位的4x100米接力赛中,montanna在100米高的障碍赛中跑出了17.1分,并在跳远时以16英尺10英寸的跳远成绩获得第五名。蒙塔纳在得分上排名第二,总分为5分。 -coach lamoreaux,教练韦德,教练凯恩
  • naomi boateng-jv lacrosse

    A week or so into the season, Naomi rose to the challenge of becoming the JV lax team's fearless goalie. This past week, she accumulated over 25 saves in two games, particularly dominating over St. George's where she stepped up to meet her opponents by successfully blocking 17 of their shots. Naomi's positive attitude and her willingness to try out and work hard at a new position have helped shape our squad this spring. Congrats on a job well-done, Naomi! -教练 Hamlin, Coach Belsky, & Coach LeRoy
  • gabe lamothe-jv棒球

    Gabe had 2 hits, 3 Runs Batted In, and played flawless at shortstop in our 10-8 win over Brooks.  Gabe has provided much leadership and solid play throughout the season for a very young team.-教练 Mazzaferro & Coach Giampetruzzi
  • josh nam-varsity baseball

    乔什投掷了一次以1比0击败米德尔塞克斯队,在没有任何人的情况下击出7名击球手。整场比赛他都保持平衡,在第五局和第六局中,米德尔塞克斯队在得分位置上跑步时执行了一些他最好的投球。他也在盘中2-3。 -教练 DiSarcina, Coach Cheeks, & Coach Bannard
  • 沃克史密斯棒球队

    沃克是我们本周两场胜利的关键,在我们的第5局第4局开始对阵布鲁克斯队的比赛中,我们的比赛中出现了两次重击,然后在我们击败米德尔塞克斯队的比赛中以一些领先优势进球。他还在一场比赛中挽救了对米德尔塞克斯队的跳水比赛以及多次艰难的比赛 DiSarcina, Coach Cheeks, & Coach Bannard
  • Doubles Team: Caroline Wilcox & Grace Mastroianni

    Doubles Team: Caroline Wilcox & Grace Mastroianni/V Form/Girls' JV Tennis
    caroline wilcox和grace mastroianni已成为jv女子网球队不可忽视的双打。他们不仅在前三场比赛中不败,他们的总比分为32 - 8.他们在整场比赛中从未放弃超过3场比赛。尽管被训练成壁球运动员,但卡罗琳已成为一名强大的网球运动员。由于她的一致性和强劲的笔触,恩典已经很好地完善了对。我们期待着这两个人在赛季进行中能够取得的成就。 - 曼斯巴赫
  • lyndsey toce

    lyndsey toce is averaging 3 goals per game this season and 3 draw control possessions. Lyndsey is excellent at the redefend and has won back countless balls with her intense and relentless ball pressure on the opponents.  In a busy 3 game week Lyndsey played almost every minute of all three games and her boundless energy and determination brings her teammates up time and again.-教练 Kandel & Coach Dumont 
  • chiara nevard / iv form / girls'varsity lacrosse

    Chiara has been a consistently tough defender this week, and this season. She comes to every game focused and serious and works so hard with excellent results. She plays a tough deep defense position that requires quick judgement and action and she does not let the team down. Chiara outworked her opponents thus contributing to the team's success and inspiring her teammates. -教练 Kandel & Coach Dumont
  • aow 4 / 3-4 / 6

    祝贺布伦特戈顿/ bvlax / vith表格
  • lidia spada '22 / girls jv hockey

    Lidia has been working hard all season. She started with very little skating background, and she's made tremendous progress. Lidia's spatial awareness has translated nicely from the soccer field, and her skills are catching up with her ability to think the game. With her willingness to work hard and to laugh at herself when she tries something and it doesn't go right, Lidia's attitude has helped everyone strike the right balance between fun and pushing past the comfortable. Lidia earned a nice reward on Saturday, scoring her first goal of the season at Holderness. It was also our first goal of the game, tying the score at 1 and providing a mental boost to the team, since we've had difficulty scoring the last few games.—Coach White & Coach Low
  • Tyler Bowden '23 & Mike Pelletier '23/男孩jv曲棍球

    The boys JV Puck two headed goalie tandem of Tyler Bowden and Mike Pelletier (AKA Tyke Pelleden) backstopped Puck to two victories. Both players were at the their best in a thrilling 6-4 victory over Brooks and they shared a 4-0 shutout win over Cushing. In the Brooks game, Tyler saved the Pucksters from the early onslaught until his team got its motor running and Mike slammed the door at the end with Puck under siege.—Coach Sheedy & Coach Brooks



  • 男孩的jv网球

    连续第二个赛季,jv男子网球赛本赛季结束不败。我们的纪录是12-0。赢了:121.套丢:12。亚历克斯布朗在每场比赛中出场,从未输过一盘。 alden alijani也有一个完美的记录,但由于受伤无法参加最后五场比赛。感谢所有团队成员度过了一个难忘的季节。特别表彰我们的船长,owen gund。他的领导力和积极的能量是我们成功的必要条件。 -coach pomeroy
  • 男子校队网球

    本周在圣马克队取得胜利后,格罗顿男子网球队以17胜1负结束本赛季。他们还赢得了k-o锦标赛,并且是新英格兰锦标赛“a”区的第二名。星期六举行的新英格兰预备学校邀请赛是锦上添花。 matt kandel赢得了单打赛区
    虽然贾里德古拉/本琼斯赢得了双打冠军。冠军! -coach conner
  • 大学棒球队

    大学棒球队从长周末的回归中恢复过来,取得了两场艰难的一场胜利。星期三,我们以4比0的比分惨败,以6比5击败布鲁克斯,周六我们以1-0领先中段。当我们受伤时,球队中的每个人都已加紧填补他们所要求的任何角色,而且我们在过去一周内对本赛季进行了一些最好的防守。我们已经在板块上进行了争夺,得到了一些大的关键命中率,我们的投手在最重要的时刻一直在加强对手与得分位置的跑垒员关闭。-教练 DiSarcina, Coach Cheeks, & Coach Bannard
  • Boys' & Girls' Varsity Crew

    On Wednesday all 8 varsity boats beat St. Mark’s convincingly. We hope that this will inspire all the other teams to beat our rivals this spring. -教练 Anderson, Coach Timpany, Coach Doggett, & Coach Parker
  • 女子大学篮球队

    In two games this week girls varsity basketball beat Middlesex, 53-33, and Cushing, 68-26. It was a complete team effort in both games to improve our record to 11-9 and maintain our #3 ranking in NEPSAC Class B. We look to finish the season strong and be ready for tournament play.—Coach Crail & Coach Spring
  • 男孩jv曲棍球

    Boys JV Puck enjoyed its best week of the season as it avenged an earlier loss to a very strong Brooks team, 6-4, in a thrilling game which saw the team come back from a two-goal deficit. The squad concluded the week posting its first shutout win of the season 4-0 over Cushing.—Coach Sheedy & Coach Brooks